Who can volunteer?

CASA volunteers come from every walk of life and share a commitment to improving children’s lives, a willingness to learn and an open mind towards life experiences different from their own. No special education, experience or background is needed.

As a CASA volunteer, you:

Spend quality time with the children you are assigned, communicate with the children, their parents, relatives, teachers, doctors, counselors, caregivers and anyone else involved in the child’s life, review the children’s case files, gather and document information, formulate recommendations, in the form of a court report, on what is in the best interest of the children and submit court reports and present your recommendations to the judge in the courtroom.

Read CASA Volunteer Job Description here. 

Follow these six steps to become a CASA volunteer:

Step 1: Check out our calendar for the next scheduled Training. You can also call 573-442-4670 for more information.

Step 2: Join a CASA info session. You can also call 573-442-4670 for more information.

Step 3: Apply, via an online application, to be accepted into training.

Step 4: Complete an interview and background check*.

Step 5: Sign-up for the next training session.

Step 6: After a full training session of 30 hours is completed, and all of your paperwork is completed and cleared, you are sworn in as an officer of the courts and will be assigned your first case.

*Any applicant found to have been convicted of, or having charges pending for a felony or misdemeanor involving a sex offense, child abuse or neglect or related acts that would pose risks to children or the CASA program’s credibility is not accepted as a CASA volunteer.  If an applicant is found to have committed a misdemeanor or felony that is unrelated to or would not pose a risk to children and would not negatively impact the credibility of the CASA program, the CASA program will consider the extent of the rehabilitation since the misdemeanor or felony was committed as well as other factors that may influence the decision to accept the applicant as a CASA volunteer.

For Upcoming Volunteer Training Sessions and Info Sessions, click here to visit our calendar.

Upcoming CASA Info Sessions:

Join a no-obligation Zoom session with Heart of Missouri CASA staff to learn all about becoming a CASA volunteer!
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
May 30: 5:00-5:30 pm
June 5: 12:00-12:30 pm
June 12: 12:00-12:30 pm
June 17: 5:00-5:30 pm