Join Powerful Voices!

Many of the abused and neglected foster children, like Sarah, feel powerless. They are frightened and confused. Many are angry and frustrated. Kids like Sarah believe they have no voice in the process.   

But there is a way to help Sarah. That person is a CASA volunteer.     

At Heart of Missouri CASA, we train and support Court Appointed Special Advocates for these traumatized children. Their CASA supports them in the overburdened court system, preventing them from languishing in an inappropriate foster home or residential facility.  

Their CASA is many times the only constant person in the child’s life. Their CASA gives them back that powerful voice in the court system, ensuring they find safe and secure permanency where they can succeed and thrive. 

Would you help us provide a CASA for Sarah? It costs us approximately $1,500 per year to train and provide staff support for a single CASA. Our “Powerful Voices” giving society is now accepting annual donations of $1,500 to support a CASA. Your gift can be made as a single payment, or monthly payments of only $125. We even have the option for quarterly or bi-monthly. 

Help us bring that powerful voice to Sarah. Please join Powerful Voices today. 

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